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The Plantation

Official Flower Kings Taping Policy

The Flower Kings Guidelines and Etiquette for Tapers and CD-Burners:

It has been and will continue to be The Flower Kings' policy to treat their fans with the respect they deserve. We understand that once our fans have the entire official material their thirst may still not be satisfied and we realize that with the existence of high quality portable recording equipment many fans are starting to record live performances. In order to try and keep these audience recordings in the fans' hands and free from commercial 'bootleg' trading we therefore now, subject to the following rules, officially condone and encourage fans to tape and FREE trade The Flower Kings live performances. This policy covers audio but excludes video.
  1. The Flower Kings strongly request that all interested parties purchase all available official Flower Kings recorded merchandise before entering into the audience recording 'tape-trading' Flower Kings world.

  2. The Flower Kings require that no one financially profits from unofficial tapes, sound files and CDs of their music. They ask all fans to help in 'policing' this requirement.

  3. The Flower Kings strongly request that if you at anytime provide a live recording as a 'Newbie' introduction to The Flower Kings' music you also state that if they like the recording, in appreciation for the recording, they in turn purchase an official Flower Kings release.

  4. Please prominently include, on each Flower Kings tape or CDr produced, a notice to the effect that "This is NOT an official Flower Kings product". Also include a clear note of The Flower Kings official internet site address: http://www.flowerkings.se/

  5. If you record any live performance of The Flower Kings (even if you do not intend to distribute the resulting recording) The Flower Kings ask that, in exchange for their recording permission, a (best quality 1:1 digital) copy be sent on DAT/CDR to:

    Foxtrot Music
    Box 15070
    75015 Uppsala

    Brian Dorbuck
    2962 Columbia Hwy
    Pulaski, TN 38478

  6. The Flower Kings reserve the right to use any of the audience recordings at any time for The Flower Kings' commercial benefit. This may be an official release or a 'fan club' CD.

  7. If at any time The Flower Kings release an official live recording (including a 'fan club' special) any audience recordings of the concert concerned are immediately removed from trading circulation.

  8. If at any time The Flower Kings find that these rules have been abused, they reserve the right to withdraw their official 'live taping' approval.

  9. Anyone with internet access wishing to record and FREE trade Flower Kings live recordings is requested to register and join 'Yahoo' mailing group 'The Plantation'. To learn more about the The Plantation group, please visit http://groups.yahoo.com/group/ThePlantation

  10. The Flower Kings reserve the right to change this official policy at any time.

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Regards, Brian Dorbuck
Moderator/Owner - The Plantation
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