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2008 News

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Flower Kings gig in Helsinki, Finland

19th December 2008

JANUARI 24th 2009 - Live at NOSTURI - Helsinki - Finland

Yes that's true - for the first time in TFK history we play Helsinki!!!

Tickets available:

Doors: 21.00

Support act: Overhead 22.00
Flower Kings show start: 23.00

No age limit / separated beer area

New Flower Kings members and gigs!

29th July 2008
THE FLOWER KINGS announce 2 new members of the TFK family.
New drummer Erik Hammarström and vocalist, keyboardist, guitarist Ola Heden.
Premiere with this fab line up is LORELEY festival in Germany on July 19th.

SUN - Aug 24 - 3rivers progFestival - Pittsburgh, PA, - USA

TUE - Aug 26 - Highline Ballroom - NYC, NY - USA
Tickets: 25 pre & 40 on door

WED - Aug 27 - Regent Theater/ NewEars, Arlington, MA - USA

THU - Aug 28 - Wilbert's - Cleveland, Ohio - USA (TBC)

FRI - Aug 29 - Shank Hall - Milwaukee, Wisconsin - USA
Tickets: 25 dollars

SAT - Aug 30 - Martyrs - Chicago, IL - USA
Tickets: 25 dollars - age 21

FRI - Oct 3 - BLAEST - Trondheim - NO
TMV kaia 17, 7014 Trondheim, Norge
Tickets soon at: www.blaest.no
Tickets 200, NOK, 20 Śrs aldergrense

SAT - Oct 11 - Motstoj Festival - Notudden - NO
Tickets 400 nok

(from top left)

Tomas Bodin: keyboards
Roine Stolt: guitars & vocals
Jonas Reingold: bass & vocals
Erik Hammarström: drums
Ola Heden: vocal & keyboard, guitar
Hasse Fröberg: vocals, guitar

New Flower Kings Drummer

17th March 2008
OK flowerheads, I suppose it is about time to let you in on what is cooking in the FLOWERKINGS camp......
we most certainly have a new drummer in the band, his name is Erik Hammarstöm, he is from Stockholm, he is 32 years old and have played drums for 25 years.

He is a terrific drummer (needless to say), we were all in awe after his "audition"so all fans will be VERY pleased, he is a bit of every drummer we've had, all the best bits. (yeah that's right, Dr. Frankenstien put him together of our drummer leftovers!)

(Please don't ask us why we change drummers like others change underware.....
it's just the way it is, I guess that's what it takes to live up to being the Spinal Tap of prog !!)

However Erik Hammarström is great and hopefully he will be around for quite some time ( but one never knows, before you know it he'll combust, or levitate .....or just teleport to Mars, I'm afraid that's the price you've gotta pay to be in this band.

And yes, did I tell you he can drum?
The fact that the first track on the "demo" he sent me was Frank Zappa's "Black Page" tells a bit about his calibre.....!!!

As it is now Erik's first gig will be at the Loreley festival in Germany on July 19th.

We'll be doing some more shows, can't tell eggsagtly where (Happy Easter btw.)
but check this space for updates.

Anyone eager to hear more of "The Sum Of No Evil" live ???

Then later this year we'll be recording a new TFK CD with Erik......now THAT will be a thrill!!!


Update from Roine Stolt

24th January 2008
Flowerkings have cancelled the May 2008 USA tour to concentrate on auditioning and finding a permanent drummer for coming tours and recordings.

(So if you live in Sweden or nearby and think you can drum like no-one else, like prog rock and is generally a fabulous person mail us at flowerkings@foxtrot.se.)

At this moment bandmembers are also finishing various solo work, (Karmakanic-Who's The Boss In The Factory/Tomas Bodin-Cinematograph etc.) and mixing an Official Bootleg multitrack recording from Whittier California 2006 to be released this spring.

Tracks include:
  • Paradox Hotel
  • Psycedelic Postcard
  • Hudson River Jam
  • Just This Once
  • Bass & Drumsolo
  • World Of Adventures
  • Silent Sorrow
Furthermore editing/mixing work is in progress, but nothing set in stone for a DVD from the november tour 2007 with guest Pat Mastelotto on drums.

Mainman Roine Stolt declares he's about to form an instrumental "hobby" combo with yet unknown name or cast, stating "I need to get back to PLAYING, I've been entangled in "production" and "scheduling" and anything but music for a long time and every time it seems to be too much about logistics and swaying commitments and every tour or album turn into a monster before you know it. I really wanna go just a couple of nights to rehearse with good friends and play (loud) music, jam and feel the smell of amps and coffee or tea, talk some and play more. I'm thinking of a four piece, where we can utilize all the new technology and just have fun with it, no big plan, no dogma, the people I'm talking with are all very talented and play many instruments and it will be without prestige. I might end up playing bass or synth or guitar I don't know, I just have a bundle of nice themes that could be a good starting point, I feel very confident about it".

And yes, work is about to start compiling material for next FlowerKings album, but that will be a very long process this time, we'll put in 50% more effort into finding the right songs/lyrics and also make sure that whatever we play it is going to be 100% valid and from the heart as well as played with both bones, precision and passion. It may take a year, or two, but we're going to get there to give you all that you love about TFK and prog in general, only better this time.

Last, we intend to be opening this web shop again very soon, so you can by various TFK related or prog items.

RS. Jan 2008.

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