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2006 News

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The Flower Kings available at iTunes!

17th December 2006
The following Flower Kings albums are now available at Apple iTunes:

The Flower Kings at MySpace.com

17th December 2006
The Flower Kings now have an Official MySpace at www.myspace.com/cosmiclodge.

Flying Food Circus "Tour de Ville" DVD

17th December 2006
Flying Food Circus - Tour de Ville (2006)      NEW DVD - December 2006!
Hasse Bruniusson
Proudly Presents
"Tour de Ville"

40 minutes of extra Material. PAL. Region free.


Hasse Bruniusson: drums
Erik Lidholm: keyboards
Bobbo Andersson: guitars
Håkan Almkvist: bass
Guest appearance: Roine "Angelo" Stolt

Available soon at the Flower Kings Merchandise Section.

Current Tour Dates!

15th October 2006
Date Location Venue + Tickets link
FriNov 03, 2006Nyköping, SwedenNyköpings teater
Tickets at:
Svenska Logi www.svenskalogi.se
phone +46 (0)155-21 07 50
SatNov 04, 2006Uppsala, SwedenKatalin
More info:
TueNov 07, 2006Gothenburg, SwedenSticky Fingers (Top Floor)
Tickets at:
go to 'förköpsställen' (=pre-sales)
WedNov 08, 2006Oslo, NorwayJohn Dee
Ticket info:
FriNov 10, 2006Bünde, GermanyProckFestival
SatDec 09, 2006Rotherham, UKCRS Awards Night
SunDec 10, 2006London, UKScala (with support Frost!)

Instant Delivery - 2DVD (2006)

18th July 2006
On September 25th, 2006, Inside Out will be releasing the new Flower Kings double DVD "Instant Delivery". The double DVD contains the full concert that was recorded on April 19th, 2006 in Tilburg, The Netherlands. This release will also be available as a limited edition in a lavish DVD coverpak with 2 DVDs, 2CD's plus a 20 page booklet.

The Flower Kings - Instant Delivery (2006)

   DVD 1

  1. Paradox Hotel
  2. Hit Me With A Hit
  3. Last Minute On Eart
  4. In The Eyes Of The World
  5. Jealousy
  6. What If God Is Alone
  7. Pioneers Of Aviation
  8. Love Supreme
  9. The Truth Will Set You Free

   DVD 2

  1. Touch My Heaven
  2. Mommy Leave The Light On
  3. End On A High Note
  4. Life Will Kill You
  5. I Am The Sun
  6. Blade Of Cain
  7. A Kings Prayer
  8. Stardust We Are
Contains the full concert that was recorded
on April 19th, 2006 in Tilburg, The Netherlands.
Available in Pal and NTSC.


Roine Stolt (Guitars, Vocals)
Tomas Bodin (Keyboards, Vocals)
Jonas Reingold (Bass, Guitar, Vocals)
Hans Froberg (Guitars, Vocals, Percussion)
Marcus Liliequist (Drums, Percussion, Vocals)

Merchandise Section

25th May 2006
The merchandise section had been updated on several items.
Also there are a limited number of Paradox Hotel 2006 tourshirts available!

The Flower Kings - Paradox Hotel (2006)

25th February 2006
Paradox Hotel (2006)
Double CD first edition comes in Digipack.
The release date is March 24th, 2006.


Room 111 (disc One):
  1. Check In   (Bodin)   1:37
  2. Monsters & Men   (Stolt)   21:21
  3. Jealousy   (Stolt)   3:22
  4. Hit Me With A Hit   (Stolt)   5:32
  5. Pioneers Of Aviation   (Stolt)   7:49
  6. Lucy Had A Dream   (Bodin/Stolt)   5:28
  7. Bavarian Skies   (Bodin/Stolt)   6:34
  8. Selfconsuming Fire   (Stolt)   5:49
  9. Mommy Leave The Light On   (Stolt)   4:38
  10. End On A High Note   (Stolt)   10:43
Room 222 (disc Two):
  1. Minor Giant Steps   (Stolt)   12:12
  2. Touch My Heaven   (Bodin)   6:08
  3. The Unorthodox Dancinglesson   (Stolt)   5:24
  4. Man Of The World   ( Reingold/Stolt/Bodin)   5:55
  5. Life Will Kill You   (Fröberg)   7:03
  6. The Way The Waters Are Moving   (Bodin/Stolt)   3:12
  7. What If God Is Alone   (Reingold/Stolt/Fröberg)   6:58
  8. Paradox Hotel   (Stolt/Bodin)   6:29
  9. Blue Planet   (Stolt)   9:42

Roine Stolt: guitars, vocal
Tomas Bodin: keyboards, backing vocal
Hans Froberg: vocal, guitar
Jonas Reingold: Bass, acoustic guitar, vocal
Marcus Liliequist: drums, percussion, backing vocal
Hasse Bruniusson: Marimba & assorted percussion

"Since the mid Nineties, Roine Stolt and his Flower Kings, have maintained a prolific output on a regular basis packing as much music as possible onto each disc and sometimes expanding onto a double album. Each year sees at least one Flower Kings release, plus an array of solo albums and side-projects. One has to ask how can one man produce so much music? After 2004's "Adam & Eve", comes the new Flower Kings studio album "Paradox Hotel", and once again the band have produced another double album packed with prog!

"I guess, it's a combination of burning passion and a clear musical vision", Roine Stolt begins to explain his vast output. "Once I stick to a project, I'll carry it through mercilessly. I'm usually working 14 to 18 hours a day" he tells us, and adds with a smile "I'll probably die young".

Hopefully not, because far beyond the boundaries of prog, Stolt is regarded as am amazingly skilled guitarist, composer and producer who we still expect many more new ideas and compositions to come from. Even more so, since he recently unveiled a different side to his musical persona with the new double solo album "Wall Street Voodoo" in 2005. Stolt gave listeners a somewhat more accessible side to his music for those who had previously found his material a little too demanding. Even those who have so far struggled with the band's music will find something immediately accessible about the Flower Kings' music via "Paradox Hotel".

The 'trick' is actually quite simple, but as is often the case it's the little things which can sometimes have the greatest effect. With the exception of the vocal harmonies, most of the material was recorded live by Stolt and his band mates at Copenhagen's Medley Studio during a week's residence there. Afterwards, the band edited the songs at their own studio over a two month period. "This album is not as focussed on detail, it has raw edges and isn't based so much on complex themes as is usually the case" says Stolt. "We painted with a thicker brush, so to speak. However, the melody side is still very strong, and the whole thing sounds much more dynamic than we have been in the past". Furthermore, keyboardist Tomas Bodin and bassist Jonas Reingold were more involved in the songwriting process than in the past, and even Hasse Froberg has composed one song.

Thematically, the record deals with the curiosity of existence, and the "Paradox Hotel" is a reference to people's life on Earth. "We are only guests here; we can't take much with us. We check in, we use the hotel bar, pay the bill – you get nothing for free – and then leave again sometime", Stolt explains the concept. "We live for a while, without having any real idea of our purpose. Good things as well as bad things apparently happen by coincidence, but they always happen when we least expect them. Nobody has ever seen God, the manager of this 'establishment' but most people suppose he is doing his job somewhere"

The artwork for the new album was created by Andres Valles, an Argentinian friend of the band. The world's duality can once again be found in the music, with tracks such as "Minor Giant Steps" (complex arrangements in the spirit of Yes or King Crimson), or "The Unorthodox Dancing Lesson" (a Zappa-esque rhythm monster with its 13/8 timing). Blues rockers such as "Pioneers Of Aviation" feature a multitude of percussion and enthusiastic solos while other numbers showcase real Wurlitzer piano, flutes and a female choir. One such track, "Jealousy" is an ironic look at the devil envying the suffering of human beings.

With "Paradox Hotel", the "FloKis" as they are affectionately known, will keep their devoted fanbase happy and undoubtedly win over new listeners. Master Stolt needn't be afraid of any sleepless nights, besides he will most likely be brooding over his next project at full moon anyway...

Help promote the upcoming tour

6th March 2006
Would you like to help the Flower Kings Street Team to promote the upcoming tour?

Please download the Official Tour Poster, fill in the specific info for your area and distribute it as flyers or posters.
At local shows, put them up at the local music stores, college campuses or café's.
Help the Flower Kings fill the venues. Together we can all pitch in and spread the musical word of The Flower Kings.

Click here to download the poster (1.76MB)

Flower Kings Marathon on Delicious Agony

20th March 2006
Delicious Agony Progressive Rock Radio is proud to announce that we will be having another Flower Kings Marathon starting Friday March 24th at 7 PM EST. For 48 hours we will be playing music from the Flower Kings and all the related projects (too many to list). The marathon will be highlighted by us featuring the new amazing album "Paradox Hotel" on Saturday March 25th.

Here is the complete marathon schedule:

Friday March 24th

7 PM EST- Marathon Begins
8 PM EST- Interview with drummer Marcus Liliequist
10 PM EST- The Instrumental Music of The Flower Kings

Saturday March 25th

12 PM EST- Feature: The projects of Roine Stolt (TA, Kaipa, solo, etc.)
3 PM EST- Interview with Roine Stolt about Paradox Hotel
4PM EST- Feature- Paradox Hotel
8 PM EST- Featuring the World of Adventures Fanclub CDs

Sunday March 26th

12 PM EST- Interview with Tomas Bodin of the Flower Kings
12:30 PM EST- Feature- The Solo albums of Tomas Bodin
4 PM EST- Featured Album: Flower Power

We hope you can join us as we celebrate the music of the world's greatest progressive rock band and the release of an album that is a milestone in their career. As always join us in chat or make a request on our message board.

Win tickets for the Spirit of 66 show

14th March 2006
Between now and April 10th, RockPromotion.nl is offering a chance to win two pairs of tickets for the Flower Kings concert at the Spirit of 66 in Belgium, Verviers. Click here for details.

Upcoming gigs in 2006!

23rd January 2006
Date Location Venue + Tickets link
WedMar 08, 2006Mexicali, Mexico (close to California, USA)BAJAPROG
SatMar 11, 2006Denver, USAThe Oriental Theatre
 Promoted by Colorado Art Rock Society
WedApr 05, 2006Lithuania, VilniusVenue PHC
 Venue PHC
tel: + 370 5 233 3663
fax: + 370 5 2333566
Promoted by
HoneyBe Entertainment
Penktoji arena
Vytenio 6, office 309
LT-03113 Vilnius,

Tel: + 370 5 233 4712
Fax: + 370 5 233 6466
E-mail: honeybe@bnk.lt
FriApr 07, 2006Poland, PoznanZeppelin hall
 For questions/tickets contact :
"OSKAR", ul. Zawicowa 42,
62-002 Suchy Las
tel.fax +48 (0) 61 8115 417
e-mail: progrock@oskar-cd.com.pl
Sales :
- ART-ROCK - ul. WIELKA 9, 61-640 Poznan.
tel. +48 (0) 61 855 27 93
- CiM - ul. Ratajczaka 44, 61-728 Poznan.
tel. +48 (0) 61 851 96 45
- ACID SHOP - ul. Ogrodowa 20, 61-820 Poznan.
tel. +48 (0) 61 852 28 51
SatApr 08, 2006Slovakia, NitraStara Pekaren
 For questions/tickets contact: www.doubleheadpro.comTickets:
SunApr 09, 2006Hungary, BudapestE-KLUB (Népliget)
 For questions/tickets contact: Live Sound Productions at info@livesound.hu
MonApr 10, 2006Austria, ViennaPlanet Music
 For questions contact:
Promoted by ConXious
TueApr 11, 2006Germany, AschaffenburgColos-saal
WedApr 12, 2006Italy, Milano/TrezzoLive Music Club
FriApr 14, 2006Italy, RomeStazione Birra
 Promoted by www.progressivamente.info
SatApr 15, 2006France, LyonC.C.O.
 Tickets at: FNAC, CARREFOUR (hypermarket), GEANT(hypermarket) and on the website www.fnac.com
SunApr 16, 2006France, ParisLa Locomotive
 Tickets at: Fnac, Virgin, France Billet & TicketnetThis is an early show which will start around 19.15!
MonApr 17, 2006Belgium, VerviersSpirit of 66
 This is an early show which will start around 19.00!
TueApr 18, 2006Germany, OberhausenZentrum Altenberg
 Promoted by Impuls promotion
WedApr 19, 2006The Netherlands, Tilburg013
 Tickets at: www.ticketmaster.nl

Kaipa - The Decca Years 1975-1978

29th November 2005
5 CD Box including the 3 Decca albums and 2 CDs with unreleased Material. This is a limited edition with 3000 copies worldwide.

Roine Stolt's "Wallstreet Voodoo"!

24th October 2005
The new Roine Stolt CD "Wallstreet Voodoo" will be released on november 11th, 2005.


Disc One
  1. The Observer   (11:05)
  2. Head Above Water   (5:25)
  3. Dirt   (8:15)
  4. Everyone Wants To Rule The World   (4:05)
  5. Spirit Of The Rebel   (6:10)
  6. Unforgiven   (3:00)
  7. Dog With A Million Bones   (8:10)
  8. Sex Kills   (7:20)
  9. Outcast   (7:50)
Disc Two
  1. The Unwanted   (9:00)
  2. Remember   (6:55)
  3. It's All About Money   (8:05)
  4. Everybody Is Trying To Sell You Something   (6:55)
  5. Hotrod ( The Atomic Wrestler)   (9:10)
  6. Mercy   (2:40)
  7. People That Have The Power To Shape The Future   (11:05)

Roine Stolt: Lead Vocal, Electric & Acoustic Guitars & Percussion
Neal Morse: Lead Vocal & Hammond Organ
Slim Pothead: Wurlizer Piano, Mini Moog & Hammond Organ
Victor Woof: Fender Bass
Marcus Liliequist: Drumkit
Hasse Bruniusson: Percussion
Gonzo Geffen: Congas & Percussion & Loop treatments

Circus Brimstone Live CD

7th September 2005
The Flower Kings Instrumental offspring "Circus Brimstone" will release a Live CD named "BrimStoned In Europe" on September 20th in the tradition of recent "Live Official Bootlegs". It will be released as a Official bootleg and will be sold on the TFK website shop (merch section), at live shows and assorted mailorders and through the regular sources.

The CD is recorded by soundman Petrus Konigsson on the European tour April 2005 and has a good quality multitrack "boardfeed" recording that was later mixed in Cosmic Lodge Studio, sounds well as good as any "professional" live recording and on par with for example "Alive On Planet Earth". Place your order on the merchandise section.

Tracklist is as follows:
  1. Cosmic Lodge
  2. Astral Dog/ Hellhound
  3. Circus Brimstone
  4. The Man Who Walked With Kings
  5. Magic Circus Of Zeb
  6. Speed Wizard/ MarcusDrumsolo
  7. Retropolis
Total playing time over 65 min.

Players are:
Marcus Liliequist-Drumkit
Jonas Reingold-Bassguitar and Basspedals
Tomas Bodin-Keyboards
Roine Stolt-Guitars

Photo: Petrus Konigsson

Fanclub CD 2005

7th September 2005
The fanclub CD called "Harvest" fanclub CD 2005 is now finished and will be mailed out with the next issue of the fanzine. It is a full length extravaganza that explores a bit of worldmusic vibe coupled with pure symphonic prog. Original compositions by Bodin, Reingold and Stolt as well as a track from the upcoming Moonsafari CD that Tomas has produced and played some keys on.

Fan CD 2005
  1. Harvest Times
  2. Echoes Of Dr. King
  3. The Crown & The Cross
  4. Siberian Trainride
  5. Brazilian Woman
  6. Dexter Frank Jr.
  7. Memories Of Nykroppa
  8. Doorway (from Moonsafari CD)
  9. King Of Grief
Total playing time 62:19

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