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2005 News

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Flower Kings Discussion Group information added

16th July 2005
Click here for information on The Flower Kings Official Yahoo Discussion Group.

Flower Kings Taping Policy information added

7th July 2005
Click here for The Flower Kings Guidelines and Etiquette for Tapers and CD-Burners.

New items in Merchandise section

20th June 2005
The following items are now available in the Merchandise section: Reviews of Tomas Bodin's "I am" are available here:

Flower Kings marathon at Delicious Agony

2nd June 2005
"Delicious Agony Progressive Rock Radio is proud to present their 2nd annual Flower Kings marathon. Beginning Friday June 3rd at 7 PM EST, Delicious Agony will play 48 hours of Flower Kings music and all the related projects. On Saturday June 4th at 5 PM EST we will feature an exclusive interview with Roine Stolt, which will be followed by the premiere of the new Kaipa album, "Mindrevolutions". The interview and premiere will be replayed Sunday at 12 PM EST. The weekend will include plenty of other Flower Kings specials, including giveaways. Please join us in out chat room or make a request on our message board and help us in celebrating the wonderful music of The Flower Kings."


11th May 2005
The Flower Kings will start rehearsing for the upcoming American tour that includes dates in US eastcoast, westcoast as well as Florida and Canada starting in Pittsburgh on May25th. The set will be a kind of "best of" or a mix of new and old covering things like: I Am The Sun, Last Minute On Earth, Babylon, Love Supreme, Stardust We Are, Blade Of Cain, Church Of Your Heart, Cosmic Circus, The Truth Will Set You Free, Compassion etc.

In NJ (Metuchen/Forum Theater) at the "Flower Kings Day" May 28th, there will be an afternoon set with the offspring "Circus Brimstone" where Tomas, Jonas, Roine and Marcus will play instrumentals like: Astral Dog, Man Who Walked With Kings, Always Grumpy, Circus Brimstone and a bit of "out there" jamming that may include the odd Beatles or Zeppelin cover with Hasse and/or Daniel.

Also a chance to meet the band and get your records signed and have a quick chat. There will be lots of merchandise available including all the odd offspring items fot the entire tour, including new Kaipa - Mindrevolutions and the new Tomas Bodin "Rock Opera" CD - I A M.

For the ticket and venue locations info for a show near YOU see the Tour Section of www.flowerkings.se

Photo: Ueli Frey

Circus Brimstone T-shirts / Live CD

11th May 2005
CIRCUS BRIMSTONE T-shirts are on sale already (all sizes) and a Live CD from the April tour will be available later this summer on our webshop. Both are great stuff and exclusive.

The Tangent live CD "Pyramids and Stars"

11th May 2005
The TANGENT have released a Live CD!
"Pyramids and Stars" Live In Germany 2004

The World That We Drive Through
The Canterbury Sequence
The Winning Game
The Music That Died Alone
In Darkest Dreams
Encore: Lucky Man

A live recording made at Aschaffenburg Colos-saal, Germany in November 2004 featuring the original Tangent live personnel of Andy Tillison, Roine Stolt, Sam Baine, Jonas Reingold & Zoltan Csorsz and featuring yet more artwork by Ed Unitsky.

The single CD contains 80 minutes of the Tangent captured live on multitrack. It represents the last night of an amazing tour, and probably the last time that that particular lineup of the band will play together.

You can get it from www.thetangent.org


7th February 2005
Get your tickets for - European AND American tour this spring, SEE TOUR SECTION FOR DETAILS AND UPDATES :

We have some important news that may interest you, shake you and/or awake you!!


Zoltan Csorsz is no longer drumming for FlowerKings.
After months of discussions, anguish and hard thinking the band have decided that Zoltan is, despite his obvious skills and virtuosity, not the drummer the Flowerkings complex music require.
Zoltan is in many ways a master or even monster of grooves and improvisation and a man who lives in the present with a strong passion and presentation in what is happening "now", musically speaking.
His chops are top notch and anyone who have seen the man in action knows he's one of the most expressive and passionate drummers around, we will all miss that part.

However, the direction that the FK music goes does not 100% fit Zoltans ways of musical expression and the drummerposition is very, very critical for such a large scale project.
This may all sound VERY strange or even impossible to believe for some of you, but trust me, things will improve and just trust the power of the music itself.
So now you ask yourselves, "is this the end" of the Jonas & Zoltan era? Regarded as the best rhythm section in prog (ever?).
The answer is no, you will still be able to hear them in Karmakanic and I've also expressed interest in working with Zoltan & Jonas in other, more improvisonal projects in the future.
I and the rest of the band wish Zoltan all possible luck in all the music projects he's involved with at the moment and we hope to keep you all informed about his future activities.
I'm positively gonna continue diggin' whatever he's playing on.

So one star leaves and I'm confident saying that another one enters.
We like to present to you Marcus Liliequist. Marcus is a 24 year old drummer from Malmoe, Sweden, that after finishing his musical education (same as Zoltan) have been playing and recording in various styles, leaning mostly towards rock.
Marcus is a hard working drummer and very much in demand in sessions and touring, but have now decided that he wanted to be in a band and what better band is there if you want to express all passion or weirdness than "The FlowerKings"!!??
We think Marcus has all the skills, duration and knowledge that is required to fit in and execute & keep track of the complex music that we write and play with a passion and maybe even a bit of muscle, as thin as he may look.Yes we feel the music may take on a hard hitting rockier edge, while still keeping the rhytmic complexity and a bit of the jazzier flair.

Marcus will be doing his debut live with the "Flowerkings" gang on the instrumental tour that start in Hamburg on March 31st. Don't miss this!!!
Next to follow is the American tour (see tour) and this will all be your first chance to check out Marcus playing with a full Flowerkings band, songs from Adam & Eve but augmented with a bunch of older classics and favourites.

Marcus has already laid down drumtracks for Tomas Bodins new CD "I am". that was finally mixed last weekend. It is a great big "rock opera" style piece that will probably come as a surprise to many old Bodin fans.
This CD shows Marcus from a more rock or even heavy rock (Deep Purple, Black Sabbath) aspect, the album will be released on "Inside Out" in late spring.
Marcus has also laid down tracks for a Roine Stolt solo CD, a modern blues/psychedelic rock album, a music venture where I've tried to mentally go back to a time when the "hip" bands were Jefferson Airplane, Jimi Hendrix Experience, The Doors, Cream, Grateful Dead, Pink Floyd, The Mothers Of Invention, Buffalo Springfield and of course The Beatles.
Yes we're talking late 60's rock and psychedelia here where the guitar is in focus, the tubeamps are hot and burning with lots of bluesy soloing.
The lyrical side is, true to the era, quite. ..eh, political or, critical against modern society. I'd say quite an "Angry & Political" album indeed.

This late summer 2005 and fall will see the" new Flowerkings" formation go into the studio for a new adventurous VERY symphonic and progressive recording project, to be released in early 2006.

More info to follow.
A New Year, A New era, hope to see you out there!!!

Roine Stolt/Feb 6th

Update from Roine Stolt

26th January 2005
Update 2005:

Hi all,

With this first update of 2005 we bring you the following news. First of all, FINALLY our merchandise section is open on this website. Sorry it has taken a while,but we wanted to make it right. Now you can buy ALL Flowerkings titles and all related music on CD and DVD. Go to the "Merchandise" section for shopping list and more info:

Next is the announcement of a tour in late March & early April, "AN EVENING OF FLOWERKINGS & RELATED INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC" !!! We're a couple of guys playing the INSTRUMENTAL Flowerkings music, plus some from Tomas, Roine's and Jonas solo CD's and eventually a Swedish Family song or two.

Tomas Bodin - Keyboards
Roine Stolt - Guitars / Keyboard
Jonas Reingold - Bass
Marcus Liliequist - Drums & Percussion

Tickets will be on sale shortly or in near future.

This is NOT a Flowerkings tour, but you'll be most likely to hear lots of FK instrumentals. We're doing this in a more scaled down basic fashion where fans hopefully will be able to buy items directly from the artist and have a quick chat. We're thinkin' of calling ourselves "Circus Brimstone".

Instrumental tour 2005 route:

Thu March 31 Hamburg Logo
Fri April 01 Rijssen Lucky & Co
Sat April 02 Zoetermeer De Boerderij
Mon April 04 Verviers Spirit of 66
Tue April 05 Aschaffenburg Colossaal
Wed April 06 Essen Zeche Carl
Fri April 08 London Borderline/Astoria
Sun April 10 Reichenbach Bergkeller

Next is the announcement of our awaited return to US soil.
IT will include 2 dates in Canada as well.
It is a full member FlowerKings tour, including the Euro light show but probably not the screen projections (for technical reasons alone) More info to follow here later.

Wed - May 25 - Pittsburgh,PA - The Rex Theater
Thu - May 26 - FAlls Church, VA - State Theatre
Fri - May 27 - Rochester, NY - Water Street Music Hall
Sat - May 28 - Metuchen, NJ - The Forum Theater (Proghouse / Jim Robinsson)
Sun - May 29 - Lowell, MA - The Brewery, (newEars)
Wed - June 1 - Quebec City, Canada - Cabaret de Capitol
Thu - June 2 - Montreal, Canada - The Medley
Sat - June 4 - Los Angeles, Whittier, CA - CalProg
Sun - June 6 - Tampa, FL - TBA

At the present we are all at work with a variety of enterprises.
Tomas Bodin is mixing his new CD "I AM", to be released later this spring. A prog opera !?? that includes vocals from Anders Janson and Jocke Marsh on guitars.
Jonas is working on the Kaipa bass overdubs and the album is also scheduled for a late spring release.
I am working on a new Roine Stolt solo album, a slightly different approach, leaning more towards blues, jam and rock. Yes we're closer to Cream, AllmanBros. and Zappas "Hot Rats" here. With a tinge of P Floyd blues maybe.
Zoltan is doing gigs with Nikolaj Bentzon Brotherhood later on and Daniel is trying to finish the POS, DVD version of "BE"!
Hasse Bruniusson is working on a DVD with his own band "Flying Food Circus". I was guesting on one song in a video recording some weeks ago and I just remember that I was dressed up as a mix between Lennon at the roof of Apple gig and Prince or Lenny Kravitz..!!??
A very weird but great fun experience.
So prepare for weirdness and some good music and improvising from Hasse's DVD later on.

We will keep you updated on the tours and such.

Roine Stolt Jan 26th.

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