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2004 News

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Tour report and news from Roine

8th November 2004
The Flower Kings tour of 2004 is now history, so is the premiere mini tour that Jonas, Zoltan and myself did with "The Tangent", so I spent most of November touring in Europe.
The Adam & Eve /10th Year Anniversary tour went well and I think the reactions were more than we could hope for.
First of all a big thanx to all our crew and the hard working people behind this!!!
And of course the (underpaid) heroes in the band.

We had the great pleasure to work with 2 great light guys from UK, Chris and Andy and we did a first try with screen projections, something I have wanted to do from day one really, however this was a great experience and this is something we intend to develop even further in future tours.
The psycedelic images were created by Per Nordin and the rest by myself, I had lots of fun with that.
Petrus Königsson did our sound as usual and this time I wanted to try out a 4 channel system (some of you may have experienced the psycoacoustics that this system did provide.)

The set list was mainly from Adam & Eve, something that a few of you did not fully understand as the tour was labeled as "10th year anniversary", however, who said that should mean a "best of" set ?
In fact such a "best of" set list was played last year on the European tour, besides FlowerKings never stick to the rules anyway.
Luckily it did seem like the set was highly appreciated by the audiences (slightly bigger this time) so we must have done something right.
All gigs were great fun but Verviers was the one that really rocked, while Tilburg was probably the one with the biggest audience (700-750) and it rocked too, just a bit more controlled I suppose.
All in all I summarize this tour as one of the best so far and by far the most well organized. (thanx also to Rob Palmen and Erik the backline wiz and all at Inside Out Music )

Future plans.
For me: to rest a few days, then we'll continue the work of the new Kaipa CD, we're still in cutting and pasting mode but Morgan will track some drums in 3 weeks from now.
I will also write more music for future Flower Kings recordings and one or more CD projects that include a few guitarnoodling pieces, hopefully I get to do a guitaralbum soon.
Tomas Bodin is about to continue the new CD project of his, a full production Inside Out release with a huge symphonic with vocals concept piece, sounds VERY promising.
Flowerkings as a group will try to find the time to do the new DVD recording of our shorter classic tunes a 10 year anniversary "best of" with concert/studio recording and full interviews (in english or subtitle) and bio etc.
Thanx to all of you who bought "Meet The FlowerKings"DVD, you were far more people than we could hope for.

On the concert front we are now trying to map the possible USA tour !!! (Yes we still love USA, just a pity old Smeagol is at the steering wheel)
This tour may even include dates in Mexico, Panama, Costa Rica and Japan.
We will post info here as soon as we have dates confirmed, but it looks most likely around end of May, beginning of June.

In the meantime there might be a chance that myself and Tomas Bodin will play a few gigs (short tour) in Europe this spring with completely instrumental material from his albums and my solo albums, with members of. .....Swedish Family. .....or some other unnamed rhythm section.
Prepare for symphonic bliss, key&guitar bonanza and full bombasm.

The full merchandise (T-shirts, Jackets, CD'sDVD's etc ) will be up and running on this site in a few weeks, please accept our apologies for taking so long.
Start saving up.

Any good pictures from the Flowerkings shows ?
we'd like to see them.
Any ideas or opinions about the shows or the future of the band ?
we'd like to hear 'em.
e-mail to : flowerkings@foxtrot.se


18th July 2004
Projects News, such as Zoltan's "Red Flower" DVD and Swedish Family's Vintage Prog, can be found under Projects.

Adam & Eve

4th July 2004
A short look back at making the new CD by Roine Stolt:

After being involved with the production and release of "Meet The Flowerkings" DVD that came out in October last year(2003) it was quite a difficult task to come up with a new and fresh idea for a new studio album concept, so I think I just said to myself "let's start by writing songs" and then see where it takes us.

The 10 Year Anniversary - The Adam & Eve Experience After all, the songs have always been the foundation of all Flower Kings music recordings or performances, even if we lately have had the chance of working with some fine musicians that can certainly groove and improvise as well.

To make a slight change I decided to mainly work with just an old nylon stringed acoustic guitar and a pocket memory mp3 recorder. This provided some real scaled down writing, I mean there were no big fat synth chords to impress or no electric guitar or drum loop to hide behind. Just me, my voice and the guitar.

Still I found this "simple" way of working out songs very rewarding and I came up with more music than I've done in a long time, some of it you can find on the new CD "Adam & Eve" and some more will surely see the day on possible solo projects of mine.

It is always hard, or I'd say impossible, to come up with totally fresh and different sounding music.

Well it is still me writing and I guess I have, by now sort of, defined my writing style and standards, regardless if it is for the FlowerKings, Transatlantic or Kaipa.

I know what I like and what I want to achieve and I know my standards are set high and I know my self criticism is sometimes painful, but I get the job done.

I started writing for the new CD in October and after finishing a FlowerKings European tour supporting the DVD release I just did continue writing music and words in the same simplistic manner, I did a few rough demos of the songs in a slightly more developed fashion and sent it out to the other guys and then left for Costa Rica with my family for 3 weeks.

In January we did meet in Jonas Reingold's Studio to hammer out a few background tracks, the songs we picked should match the profile we have decided on for the album, meaning they should be clearly recognizable as FlowerKings tunes, but still contain new elements, if possible.

Well, you always try to come up with sensational things, don't you ? But I've come to realize that for me the sensation lies more in the feeling or the "soul" of the songs, than the complexity of odd meters or the impossible or possibly "fiddly bits" or the production tricks.

Music is a strange bird isn't it ? We cannot exactly put the finger on what it is that makes us go "wow" or what makes our hearts beat faster. It's almost like love....!

I do trust that feeling and can only hope other people feel the same as I do.

Of course a minimal dose of speculation or constructual guidance is needed to keep away from doing the same music over and over. I hope we don't ?

At least it seems that the strenght of Flowerkings is that we always try to re-invent ourselves in a way so that the fans can get a feeling that we or on our way to something new, unexpected and we wanna take you there, but still keep enough of the great old Flower Kings vibe so it feels familiar.

We kept it very much open so that any tune we felt was a good tune could find it's place on this CD, however specificly we looked for symphonic pieces with strong melody as for the core material.

We felt no need to dive deeper into the jazz fusion thing we've been doing on and off previously, because we're not really that type of band as a whole, some of us dig jazz, blues and fusion but rather put it into our side projects, instead wanted to concentrate on good symphonic and melodic stuff, where every aspect of the band could shine.

I had this great epic tune "Love Supreme" that I've been working with and was very pleased with and I had a few very cool vocal harmony ideas for Hasse, Daniel andmyself for that one, the lyrics was also important for that song and I was very pleased with that whole concept.

Starting to work on that one and a few other classic prog ideas felt very good and I could see the other bandmembers gradually getting more enthusiastic about the bulk of material and we got to the point where everyone was feeling "we are making a good record here ".

"Vampires View" is a sort of bolero style dramatic song that felt like a new approach, almost like from a musical, I'm sure it's gonna be great live, a bit depressing but also very romantic.

"Adam & Eve" was another song that stood out as a somewhat heavier song but still with a FK twist, built on riffs and an attitude.

"Cosmic Circus" has a late jingle jangle 60's feel to it and has echoes of both Beatles and the San Francisco flowerpower movement.

We worked on one of Jonas songs that had a trashy metallic intro that went into a vocal Lennon like section that didn't quite work out 100% satisfactory, so I later re-wrote the whole vocal section and added new lyrics and melody, but still over Zoltans old drumtrack, quite funny and a bit strange, it ended up being "Timelines".

We worked for a week tracking drums mostly, now all in 24 bit digital for Emagic Logic Audio on macinosh as usual and then I went back home to write some more. I then wrote "Drivers Seat", another one of the epic songs, a song that has both a sort of Swedish folk music theme and also a classic prog theme.

Also "The blade of Cain" is a powerful thing that was from the beginning a ending instrumental piece of the Adam & Eve song the we lifted out, but now it worked perfect as a album closer instead, very majestic.

Lyricwise I did work quite fast and most of the lyrics were written way before we even started recording, some of it was actually written in Costa Rica at the otherworldly beach or strolling around with the kid notebook.

"Love Supreme" is a song about the search for the ultimate love, meaning a love that trancend, goes far beyond woman or man or family members, or even the human race. If you search and learn enough about the complexities of our environment and how all elements, plants, animals and humans work, or should work, in harmony with each other, you can begin to see the perfection and the unity, it's all very beautiful and a delicate balance to behold. Some call it "God", by different names in different regions, and some call it "the great spirit" or "the great mother" or whatever, It is likely to all mean the same.

"Cosmic Circus" is also a song about the wonders and mysteries of life, but also the confusion as it is not always easy to understand what is going on and why bad and good things happen or fall on our plate. We question the right or wrong and how to find one's specific role in this cosmic circus. Much of what surface in the world politics and the global schemes tend to be nonsence but the next minute it suddenly fall into it's right place, mysteriously. History can teach us great lessons, but some refuse to see it. Sometimes we watch, sometimes we go with the flow, sometimes we wrestle to get out and sometimes we just stand still stare in awe.

"A Vampires View" is obviousy a song about the world, seen from a Vampire point of view, a bit inspired by Anne Rice's "Confession of a Vampire". It is telling a gloomy story of a very sad and isolated soul that is forced live in the darkness, feeding on the blood, flesh or soul of others and hate every minute of it, but can't get out and cannot see an end to the grind either. A Smeagol or Gollum if you want or a Zombie too. At the same time, in parallel, it is a song about a possible "bloodsucker", a successful businessman or an entire empire or political system that have to walk over dead bodies to increace his/it's profits or power, finding himself loved and missed by no one in the end, isolated in a sinister world of profit and corruption only. It is indeed lonely at the top.

"Adam & Eve" is a song about the complexity and difference of male and female sexuality and views of how the society, now more than ever, exploit sexuality in all shape and form, on daily basis, in magazines or TV or on the internet, in books or in shops. You can almost sell everything if you do it with a sex twist, big or small. It occupies our brains heavily, or at least at some point, day or night, on and off. No one goes free of lust, not priests, nor presidents. When lust dies mankind dies. It is the spark of life but also a shameful thing for the moralists.

Adam & Eve is just fictious figures in this song, it has nothing to do with the Bible's Adam & Eve. They cannot live together and they cannot live apart, as God had put an incurably urge to bread in Adams brain to secure the existence of the human race for all generations to come. Adam loves sex and need it badly to feel alive, but Eve want to be loved for different reason, they do not understand each other, they play a tiresome game that leave a lot to be desired for both of them.

"Starlight Man" is about love, friendship, holding out a helping hand and the ultimate power of kindness, the great boomerang of LOVE. But also about enlightenment. The "starlight man" can be our parents offering us protection or our teacher opening our eyes to hidden knowledge or a spiritual leader or even someone who create great music or art that makes us feel alive and in that way helping opening up our senses.

"Timelines" is a song that deal with time and to come to terms with time passing and how time, bit by bit, change us outside and inside and all that surround us. Nothing is constant, everything is changing and everything is in development.

We get hurt, we learn, we suffer and "no facelift will cover the scars" but even the wrinkles or scars can be beautiful if we accept changes as a part of life. We get older, our kids grow older, our parents will pass away some day, so will we. It is all a journey & we cannot stop time, all we can do is sit back and relax or hopefully we can fill our time with some significant substance. What we call a "meaning of Life". We can make some noise. We can send out good vibes and get a few back.

"Drivers Seat" is a song that is about the need, or the option to take control over our own lives and shaping it carefully to our own liking, if possible instead of being faithful to all the companies or corporations that try to sell us a "lifestyle complete". We are normally so manipulated by the great flow of influences that the media shower us in every day life and there is always someone out there who want us to subscribe to a new lifestyle or to wear some new clothes or to eat a certain brand of food or try a new better toothpaste or such. Some people simply follow the rest, or go with the flow, because it is a path of less resistance. Some others go deeper into themselves and ask what can be done and what their heart tell them would be the right thing. So in a way we can, to some degree, create and maintain our own little universes without causing any, or little, damage to our surroundings.

I often get the question if my lyrics are religious, I'd be tempted to say "yes" to that, because there lies a religious experience hiding in how we can create magic in real life. Religion is probably the science we long to subscribe to as of learning of a higher existance where the universal machinery reach a point of outermost harmony....puh.

In short a religion is a handbook of well being, so it's not really that mysterious. When we see ourselves as participants of the big schemes or "links in the chain reaction" or dominoes or whatever, we then realise we can make a change and we can get rewarded with joy and peace or further enlightenment, it IS a reality IF we want it to be.

My lyrics deal with all that and it is a religion in a way, all that you'll find in the 10 commandments resonate very fine with all that I believe and proclaim.

The title of the CD was initially meant to be named after the opening song "Love Supreme" but we altered it to Adam & Eve because it did better fit our ideas of artwork and our plans for all stage shows and all of the total art and package idea.

Adam&Eve was more suitable as a concept, as all lyrics could relate to the Man/Woman, Light/Darkness, Hot/Cold, Day/Night, Love/Hate, Apathy/Devotion etc. No one entity can exist without the other.

As for the music, we've tried to work with even more dynamics for this recoding. There is however nothing groundbreaking on this CD but we wouldn't like it to be "groundbreaking" just for the sake of being"groundbreaking". Many others try to do more extreme music, but for us in this time of life we only try to make music that create a feeling of well being or something that is powerful enough to lift you up, fuel your spirit and get ready for the day or make you groove to the beat with lyrics that will hopefully make your head spin with good thoughts. If music put you in a good mood & you feel good you will most certainly do us a BIG, BIG favour, namely ; you will treat your fellow humans good! That's again the great boomerang of LOVE!!

I thought that listening to a new Flowerkings record should feel like coming home, but the furniture has been changed just a bit, or the walls repainted or fitted with new wallpaper. Strange and exciting wallpaper that is !!!

We feel no need to show the fans or other musicians that we can do something exceptionally difficult or to play a thousand notes or rock real hard or be weird for weird's sake just to show off or impress the fans.

I think that, by now, we have established a good devoted and faithful fanbase that will follow us for a long time to come and now we only hope to see many new fans discovering the band, hopefully outside of the progressive rock circles too. We know we can do it, with so much talent within the band and so much love from you fans. It sometimes feels like there is some kind of otherworldly force outside of all the band that drag this project along and fuel it with new powers constantly, I'm amazed how things happen the way they do and how so much great music energy seem to surround The Flower Kings, just look at sideprojects.....wow!!

I wouldn't be surprised to find out, after I'm dead and gone, that I wasn't the "real" boss of this band. Being a messenger isn't bad after all. It's great being here and I'm still amazed how much we've achieved lately in terms of quality music and good vibes and great memories. Just going back to the Swedish tour a few weeks ago it was a great uplifting experience after working so hard with the album.

Future plans include a new European tour in October where we will use a customized light design and screen projections for the first time. We're gonna play a lot from the new album and the rest will be ONLY songs we never played before. I'm very excited about this.

We will then start working on a new DVD that will include a live recording of our most popular shorter songs that didn't make it on to "Meet The Flowerkings". We'll try to do: There is More To this World, Church of your Heart, The Flower King, Last Minute on Earth, Retropolis, Train To Nowhere, I Am The Sun, Road To Sanctuary, My Cosmic Lover, Compassion and maybe some medley of other songs. We have so many songs to pick from. It will also contain interviews in english, biographies, photo galleries.

Later we will start working on next studio album, we have a bit of a new work approach to this CD, but I can't reveal details yet. In the meantime different bandmembers will be releasing a diversity of solo albums or side projects, like The Tangent 2, Kaipa, Tomas Bodins -Swedish Family, Daniel Gildenlow (Pain Of Salvation) the orchestral CD "BE" and myself will try doing a few things as solo recordings with different cast.

We also hope to come to USA and Central America on tour beginning of next year and we really would love to come back to Japan for a few shows. It sure is a busy time for all of us and I guess we are blessed to actually have all these fantastic visions and projects to be realized in our liftime.

Roine Stolt
July 3rd 2004.

Flower Kings marathon at Delicious Agony

6th July 2004
"Delicious Agony Progressive Rock Radio is proud to announce a 48 hour marathon featuring the music of progressive rock giants, The Flower Kings. Beginning at 7PM EST on July 16th, DAPPR will be playing nothing but Flower Kings music and selections from the band members' side projects and solo releases. During the marathon, we will be having several special events, which will be highlighted by the premiere of their new album, "Adam and Eve"

The marathon tentative schedule is as follows: (all times are EST)


08:00 PM - Brand new interview with keyboardist Tomas Bodin.
08:30 PM - The solo works of Tomas Bodin.
11:00 PM - Featured album: The Flower Kings - Stardust We Are


11:00 PM - The Flower Kings: A chronological presentation of their music.
03:00 PM - Brand new 75 minute interview with Roine Stolt about the new album.
04:15 PM - The premiere of The Flower Kings "Adam and Eve"

(members of the band scheduled to be in our chat room).


12:00 PM - The music of Jonas Reingold and Karmakanic
02:00 PM - Roine Stolt: Music from his side projects and solo career.

Interviews will be archived on our website after the marathon. In addition, we will be giving away an autographed poster from the Unfold The Future tour. Finally, we will also be giving away three one year memberships in the wonderful Flower Kings fan club, World of Adventures.

Please join us for this special event as we celebrate the music of the amazing Flower Kings."

New album from The Flowerkings !!!

24th May 2004
Yes finally we can inform you of the new CD, Adam& Eve.
We've kept quiet for a while...looking for a sign of greatness perhaps
we haven't posted about our extensive fall outs and physical fights in the studio..or the intake of drugs..or tea
or just because we've been busy...fighting !!!
or because of the haze we've been in because of the major intake of Tea....(just like the Rutles)
Besides, honestly we feel that there's not much point in letting you in on "rough takes" or" snippets" from studio work in progress, etc., (the Rutles never did!!)
I know that most bands do these days but we wanted to be left alone with this baby for a while.

The album will be called Adam&Eve.
it is 79 minutes of classical Flowerkings music, ranging from more light acoustic joyful singalong to dark and depressing...eh.
Same lineup as on "Unfold the future" minus Ulf Wallander.

Describing it in detail seems pointless, we leave it up to your own opinions when it is released.
Release date is around July 20th in Europe, USA and Japan.

Here's some info that we can share with you until then.

Find out more at our new official website : www.flowerkings.se

The Flower Kings - Adam & Eve (2004) 1# Love Supreme 19:50
2# Cosmic Circus 3:00
3# Babylon 2:41
4# A Vampires View 8:50
5# Days Gone By 1:10
6# Adam & Eve 7:50
7# Starlight Man 3:30
8# Timelines 7:40
9# Drivers Seat 18:22
10# The Blade Of Cain 5:00

Roine Stolt: Vocals, electric & acoustic guitars
Tomas Bodin: Keyboards
Hans Fröberg: Vocals
Daniel Gildenlöw: Vocals
Jonas Reingold: Basses
Zoltan Csörsz: Drumkit
Hasse Bruniusson: Percussion

All words & music by Roine Stolt, except "Days Gone By" & "Babylon" by Tomas Bodin and "Timelines" by Jonas Reingold & Roine Stolt

Recorded at Cosmic Lodge between Januari and May 2004
Drums & bass recorded at Reingold Studios

Produced By Roine Stolt 2004
Production assistant: Tomas Bodin
Layout: Hippified Art
Cover Painting By Ciruelo Cabral
Photo: Roine Stolt & Lilian Forsberg
Management: Robert Palmen Music Promotions

New CD Update from Roine

20th February 2004
We have now recorded around 70 minutes of backing tracks for the new TFK album.

Zoltan has laid down some, both steady rocking and weird drumming, which sounds excellent.

The working title is: Love Supreme

A few titles ranging from mysterious dissonance to more classic prog and symphonic.(Retropolis & Stardust comes to mind)
  • Love Supreme
  • Cosmic Circus
  • Adam & Eve
  • A Vampire Tale
  • Bach In Stereo
  • Foreign Hands
  • Love Overbleed
  • Starlight Man
  • Babylon
We're working on overdubs and expect to be finished early May. Release could be as early as July. European Tour will follow in mid-September.

Here's an excerpt from the lyrics of the title track:

...Monitored by the eye in the sky, while we map it out by the fireplaces
New line of technology hit us, celebrate the long lost sensation
Multiplying the images as top of the line of all of creation
Eagerly we took it apart just to find a glimpse of divine insanity

It shines even brighter for each single day we're climbing the ladder
It shines even brighter, with a love supreme, all the work of the masters hand

See life reinventing itself, starting over, time and time again
A new time of understanding begin, see yourself as a link in the chain reaction
This world couldn't do without you, This world couldn't be without you
It's perfect because you are, it's perfect because you are...

Work is also in progress on new Tangent CD. Drums are down and some bass too, Andy will continue working on it during the Spring .

All for now.


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