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The Tangent

Comm (2011)

The Tangent - Comm (2011)
COMM is our 6th album, it's an album once again about the world that we live in, here in 2011 and it marks a hundred years of the way we live our lives in what we sometimes call "A Shrinking World". We are obsessed with Communications nowadays and this album takes a look at those obsessions from several different points of view, which are not always favourable!
This album is the debut studio recording of Luke Machin, a stunning 22 year old guitar player who has taken fans by storm at gigs around Europe in the past 18 months. Despite his youth, Luke is heavily influenced by the great progressive rock guitarists from Francis Dunnery to Andy Latimer, Allan Houldsworth and Daniel Gildenlow.

COMM has taken 2 years to write and record. The cover artworks marks a return to the popular partnership between The Tangent and Belarussian artist Ed Unitsky. COMM will be released in 3 editions, a special edition with 2 bonus tracks (one of which is an unusual cover version) which will be released in a limited first pressing digipak edition. And there will also be a limited 180 g VINYL edition with a gatefold sleeve.

Limited Special Edition DIGIPACK (2 Bonus-Tracks / unusual Cover Artwork)

Current Line Up:
Andy Tillison - keyboards and vocals
Jonathan Barrett - Bass Guitar and vocals
Luke Machin - Guitar and vocals
Tony Latham - Drums
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