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Neal Morse

Testimony 2 - 2CD (2011)

Neal Morse - Testimony 2 - 2CD (2011)
In 2003, Neal Morse released his Testimony album. It was an artistic triumph that was and is still considered one of his best to date. With the sequel, Testimony Two, Neal goes even deeper into unchartered musical and lyrical territory. Incorporating the legendary drummer Mike Portnoy and the excellent bassist, Randy George, this breathtaking album is a prog epic with depth that will dazzle and melodies that reach into the soul.

Disc 1 - Testimony 2, the main disc tells us the poignant story of Nealís life from the beginning of Spockís Beard through when his leaving the band in 2002. The brilliant conceptual piece consists of 13 songs in three sections each over twenty minutes long.

Total time: 78:52

Disc 2 consists of 3 great tracks. Two shorter songs and one 26:00 minute prog epic, "Seeds of Gold" which features a guitar solo by famed guitarist, Steve Morse.

Total Time: 36:51

This album marks the audio reunion of Spockís Beard as it contains a "tribute" to Spockís where Neal and the guys sing an elaborate vocal section that is reminiscent of the early days of the band.

Guests Include: Nick DíVirgilio, Alan Morse, Dave Meros, Steve Morse, Paul Bielatowicz, Matthew Ward and Members of the Nashville Symphony.
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