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Who's The Boss In The Factory? (2008)

Karmakanic - Who's The Boss In The Factory? (2008)
For Flowerkings bassman, songwriter and producer Jonas Reingold, his own band Karmakanic is much more than merely a musical side show.
Whenever he has the time, he devotes himself to the group which consists of a nucleus featuring Reingold himself, Göran Edman (vocals), Krister Jonsson (guitar), Lalle Larsson (keyboards) and Zoltan Csörsz (drums).
With guesting Flower Kings colleagues Tomas Bodin (keyboards) " Roine Stolt (12string electric), Andy Tillison (Tangent) on Hammond organ and accordion virtuoso Lelo Nika, Elias Källvik (guitar) Rob Palmen (vocal), Sven Cirnski (guitar) and a quartet of real strings onboard too, this is a big bowl of prog candy.

  1. Send A Message From The Heart
  2. Let In Hollywood
  3. Who's The Boss In The Factory?
  4. Two Blocks From The Edge
  5. Eternally Pt 1
  6. Eternally Pt 2
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