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Lalle Larsson's WEAVEWORLD

Infinity Of Worlds (2010)

Lalle Larsson's WEAVEWORLD - Infinity Of Worlds (2010)
Instrumental extravaganza from super keyboardist Lalle Larsson - Featuring Richard Hallebeek - guitars, Stefan Rosquist - guitars, Walle Wahlgren - drums, Jonas Reingold - bass. Any lover of instrumental progfusion will love this to bits.

Fans of bands like UK, Bruford, Mahavishnu Orchestra, Return To Forever and Allan Holdsworth will celebrate!

Jonas Reingolds best production to date - and the drumming of Walle Wahlgren alone is worth the price.
  1. A Demons Kiss
  2. Otherworldly
  3. City Of Lost Souls
  4. Beyond Shadows
  5. Lemuria
  6. Infinity Of Worlds
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