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Agents Of Mercy

DramaRama (2010)

Agents Of Mercy - DramaRama (2010)
Agents Of Mercy - are back with a new full on studio album titled "DramaRama". In it's true retro-spirit it is rehearsed and recorded "live" in Varispeed Studios in Sweden, with very few overdubs. 12 songs written by guitarist Roine Stolt & singer Nad Sylvan - the concept was "to find the roots of our inspiration and the sounds we love" so there's the obvious late 60's and early 70's feel.

12 titles that focus more on melody, storytelling and drama than technical delivery - not withstanding the fact that the band house some of the most skilled hi - profile musicians in the present prog scene.

Huge rumble and swosh from drums, fuzzy grinding & thunder bass, Wurlizer piano, Hammond swirls and adventurous moog ornaments, Telecaster twang and vintage Voxtubes - all there to support our swinging p-delic 60's tripback.

"Plenty of symphonic rewards for the diehard fans of TFK or Transatlantic style prog - closer to Retropolis than Rainmaker - but yet more scaled down happy classic rock, glam & pop too". Borrows from theatrical rock - to film noir - the oddity of Bowie - to the energy Mahavishnu Orchestra. The new album is a big leap towards a more complete classic (prog)rock band feel - where the 1st album stayed firmly in very pastel and mellow contemplating but yet demanding modes.

"DramaRama" is an independent release from Stolt's own label, designed to operate freely and adapt in this new dawn of recorded music - so buy it from us and support more new adventurous recordings from this team.

The band consist of:
Nad Sylvan (Unifaun) VOCAL & KEYBOARDS
Roine Stolt (Transatlantic, Flowerkings) GUITARS
Jonas Reingold (Flowerkings, Karmakanic) BASS
Lalle Larsson (Weaveworld, Karmakanic) KEYBOARDS
Walle Wahlgren - DRUMS

  1. The Duke Of Sadness
  2. Last Few Grains Of Hope
  3. Peace United
  4. Journey
  5. Gratitude
  6. Meet Johnnie Walker
  7. Cinnamon Tree
  8. The Ballad Of Mary Chilton
  9. Roger The Tailor
  10. Conspiracy
  11. We Have Been Freed
  12. Time

Running time: 72 minutes
Comes in nice digipak - Artwork by Silas Toball (again)

Label: Foxtrot Records
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